Welcome to El Camino Psychology Services

Almost everyone has some difficulty at times dealing with life's problems and/or getting along with others. During these periods of stress individuals try to handle problems in the best  way they know how. Sometimes even after much thought and effort , problems are not solved.  It is at this point that professional counseling can help to solve problems and reduce uncomfortable feelings. If problems are ignored, they may even become more troublesome.

EL CAMINO PSYCHOLOGY SERVICES, PC provides professional help to children, teens, adults, and families attempting to cope with life problems

  • emotional
  • behavioral
  • relationship
  • family
  • educational
  • occupational
  • medical
  • and /or legal problems
How It Works:

Each client works with the psychologist to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan that may include combined treatment (therapy and medications), psychological testing, and/or coordinated care with other service providers. Individual, relationship and family therapy sessions are available to clients depending on their unique mental health needs and life circumstances.


Individual Therapy

Private, confidential therapy sessions are available to individuals with a wide variety of personal concerns. In therapy, the individual discusses both the current situation and past experiences that may have contributed to the problem. The problem solving and coping skills learned in therapy help the individual to resolve the current problem and other future conflicts.

Relationship Therapy

Developing and maintaining an intimate loving relationship can be an exceptionally difficult task. Sometimes a couple feels so much stress in their relationship or marriage that professional assistance is not only helpful, but necessary. Therapy can help a couple to more effectively manage and resolve their conflicts and help them feel more hopeful about the future of their relationship. 

Child and Family Therapy

Almost every parent feels challenged at times when raising a child. It is often hard to know what is the best way to help our children when they are having problems adjusting at home, school or within the community. The psychologist helps children and their families through diagnostic assessment, therapy, and by coordinating with other professionals and organizations. The psychologist works to develop an individualized family plan best suited to your child and your family's needs.